Friday, June 15, 2012

Tool 7: Collaborating Outside the Classroom

Expanding my classroom beyond the four walls of the physical building is very intriguing to me as a teacher. By using technology to connect kids of differentiated experiences will help bring a dash of reality into my lessons. My students can gain insight and broaden the realm of their thinking in order to develop new ideas. For myself, I envision starting slowly and expanding in steps. To testdrive the idea of reaching outside my classroom, I want to start with the other 8th grade class. Having the students debate a topic is a great way to start. The following lesson outline illustrates my idea:

Content Objective:  Given technology, my students will evaluate man’s impact on the environment by participating in a debate with my teammate’s 8th grade class.

Implement:  January, 2013

Tool(s):  Edmodo, Google Docs

Description:  Students from each science class will collaborate via GoogleDocs to create their platform for debating man’s impact on the world’s oceans. Then, the classes will present their cases to each other via Edmodo. Classes will comment back and forth until consensus is reached. Posts must contain valid persuasive evidence.

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