Friday, June 15, 2012

Tool 10: Digital Responsibility

There are many factors that contribute to being a responsible digital citizen. Three of the most important aspects that I like to stress especially with my middle school students include:
     1. Personal Internet Safety - In this day and time it is more important than ever that kids be very aware of their online surroundings. Sharing personal information over the internet is a big no-no that I strive to   make my students aware of. 
     2. Cyberbullying - Middle school students, especially, can bully others, often without even realizing that they are doing it. By making them aware of what cyberbullying is and what it can lead to, I can help kids make even more steps toward being responsible internet users.
     3. Intellectual property - Creating unique pieces of work takes hard work and valuable time. Students need to be more aware of how damaging it can be to take credit for the work of others.

The 8th grade science team has discussed the importance of presenting digital citizenship lessons to our students, especially with the ever-increasing amount of technology available and in use in our classrooms. We are planning to create lessons using BrainPOP! and Atomic Learning to meet this goal.

I think that leading by example is one of the most impacting ways to teach students important concepts. By modeling appropriate digital citizenship behavior, students can learn the benefits of adhering to ethical and safe internet usage. 

Through my class syllabus (handed out at the beginning of the year and again at Back to School night) and personal conversation with parents. I have the opportunity and responsibility to inform them of any and all cyberlearning that will occur in my classroom. Additionally, whenever presented the opportunity, I would like to encourage parents to monitor their kids at home so that they continue to have a safe, informative and fun internet experience.


  1. Sounds like ya'll have a great plan.

    Almost done...

  2. You never cease to amaze me. I'm just getting started on the tools and you've almost finished! Your blog looks fantastic and I've enjoyed browsing your blog list.

  3. this is a great site for teaching cyber citizenship. They have handouts, links, videos and lessons all planned by grade level